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Would you like to use your healthcare knowledge with us to support Japanese companies expand into Asia?

Features of MEPLA Expert

1. Utilize healthcare x Expert knowledge in Asian region

This service offers wide range of consultations from clients such as expert interview, business support, and advisors specializing in healthcare x Asia. It is also an environment where you can find projects that suits your own career.

2. Can support companies with flexible working styles

Active business people and freelancers can work widely in the form of hourly expert interview or monthly contract to support or advise business.

3. Expand your network in the industry

There are more than 100 local experts who are familiar with the medical situation in Asian countries, and thus have the chance to expand horizontal connections through future events.

Project type

Expert interview
(1 hour unit)

Business development / research

Appointment arrangement
(advisory contract, etc.)

Alliance coordination
 (cooperation, etc.)


・Want to know about the mechanism of pharmaceutical distribution in Indonesia

・Want to know about the regulations when registering medical devices in Thailand

・Would like to make an appointment with a medical institution under the banner of Filipino conglomerate

・Would like to proceed with business development and business negotiations in Vietnam locally

Benefits of registration

You can contribute to solving the challenges of the company and the society by utilizing your own knowledge in the medical field.
With the largest number of medical field projects, you can tackle a variety of medical issues include the projects with the cutting-edge digital solutions.

There are opportunities to participate in multi-country projects, allowing you to further broaden your perspective and knowledge.

We will support your wishes on how you would like to work as an expert and introduce you to appropriate projects. We also plan to provide opportunities to improve your skills and support for experts to interact with each other. 

You can flexibly design your commitment, from one-hour interviews to multi-month projects. Freelancers and retired workers are also active in our network.

Registered by many Asian Experts

How to join


Expert registration

Register in the application form


Project introduction

Match to the project based on your registered information


Kick off

Expert interview / Projects start

If you have any questions before registering, please contact us here.
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